NASA’s going back to the moon with Nokia!

NASA is getting ready for their return the moon! How exciting??!

In the recent months, NASA awarded Nokia’s Bell Labs a $14.1 million contract for them to begin the development of cell towers for the moon.

It was reported that in 2018, Nokia worked with Vodafone and Audi on a private lunar LTE project that never came to fruition. During those times, however, Nokia did build some demo equipment as well as conducted tests in chambers that simulated the lunar environment.

These tests are said to have helped Nokia develop different hardware that can withstand the various stresses that will come across on the moon.

Nokia and Intuitive Machines are working together to integrate Nokia’s LTE equipment with a rover that will be developed by Intuitive Machines. This is the major focus of 2021.

Lunaprise is also teaming up with Intuitive Machines to help send a million space ambassadors’ messages, memories, love letters and more in the fourth quarter of 2021!! Seems like the moon is soon becoming the new hangout spot 😉

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