ATTN: Space Lovers, Nerds, and Hobby Futurists...

The World’s First Crowdsourced Time Capsule Is Headed to the Moon…Want Your Story Remembered?

For the First Time Ever, a Forbes Top 20 Futurist is Inviting. 000128% of the Population to Leave Their Mark on the Moon, Alongside NASA and SpaceX

The World’s First Crowdsourced Time Capsule Is Headed to the Moon…Want Your Story Remembered?

For the First Time Ever, a Forbes Top 20 Futurist is Inviting. 000128% of the Population to Leave Their Mark on the Moon, Alongside NASA and SpaceX

...and It Might be the Internet’s Coolest
(and Weirdest) Gift

Sorry, We Can’t Get You to Space (Yet)--

But We Can Get Your Story There

From Star Trek’s Jean-Luc Picard and the USS Enterprise-E traveling to the past to save Earth’s history, to the Planet of the Apes’ astronaut crew who find themselves 2,000 years in the future…

There’s something fascinating– even romantic– about the idea of us humans transcending time and space.

So while we’re not quite rolling out time travel yet, we are capable of doing the next best thing…

And that’s putting your story on the moon for future generations thousands of years from now to see.

Think of It Like a Message In a Bottle…

But instead of a bottle, it’s a private moon lander named the Lunaprise…

And instead of a crumpled up piece of paper from your diary soaked with tears and perfume (or, you know, whatever)…

Your message is written on an indestructible nickel engraved with nano fiche technology that can be read with any microscope (not to be confused with the flimsy microfiche you might have used back in the day to read old newspapers at the library).

Wait-- How Is This Possible?

Good question!

This all started on February 6, 2018…

That day, a Forbes Top 20 Futurist named Nova Spivack sent a 30 million page archive of human history and civilization to space on SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy test flight…

Nova’s “Solar Library” covers all subjects, cultures, nations, classic literature, languages, genres, and time periods– and it’s now orbiting the sun for the next few million years inside Elon Musk’s cherry red Tesla.

After that success, Nova thought,

“What if we could send real people’s stories, memories, and messages to the moon to represent humanity for millions of years to come?”

And now, here we are…

Inviting you to help the team here at Galactic Legacy Labs fulfil that mission on the world’s first crowdsourced time capsule, the LUNAPRISE™.

The short version…

A couple pretty famous nerds shot some stuff into space and had a lot of fun doing it. Now they’re inviting other nerds to do it, too. Because why should the billionaires have all the fun?

Is there a guarantee that thousands of years from now, aliens or future civilizations will see your message? Technically, no. Science doesn’t really do “guarantees”.

But we have enough strong evidence of life outside our solar system to think they will, and that they’ll be intelligent enough to decode our messages…

And plus, it’s freaking cool.

Even the Original Shark on Shark Tank Was “Blown Away” When He Received This Gift...

“My family constantly complains I’m a hard guy to buy for… I’ve gotta say though, this one blew me away… such an inspiring fun way to give a gift that also makes an impact — who would have thought going to the moon could be so affordable?”

– Kevin Harrington, First Shark on Shark Tank, NYT Best Selling Author, Inventor of the $5 Billion Dollar Man Infomercial

Okay But,Who Actually Cares?

(Umm, only some of the smartest minds on the planet…)

Remember the Dark Ages? We don’t call them that because the sun never came out…

It’s because there was hardly anything recorded during that time for our present-day historians to piece together that moment in history.

That’s why our partner, the Arch Mission Foundation, leads the Billion Year Archive initiative– an effort to guarantee that our species and civilization will never be lost.

It is the largest footprint and longest duration engineering project in human history…

So that, even after the pyramids have turned to dust, and no matter what transpires on Earth, an archive of our human history will remain.

So when you submit your story or pictures to the Lunaprise time capsule (or honor someone else with a submission), you take part in a special mission to preserve this “moment” on earth.

Because like it or not, what we’re experiencing now may be the catalyst for a massive plot twist in our history… For better or worse. And you were here for it.

So… Think You Might Want to Be One of the .000128%
Who Get to Submit Their Story to the Time Capsule?

Here’s How It Works


Share Your Message

Consider this: if the moon were your own personal billboard, what would you want it to say?

Whether you want to share a personal story you think encapsulates a very human moment of kindness…

Or you want to write a message to your beloved dog who’s crossed over the big doggy rainbow…

Nothing is off limits.

Your message – or Lunagram™ as we call it – is your chance to be as sentimental, clever, political, poetic, or just plain weird as you want to be.

You can even upload a photo or drawing with your message. Doesn’t matter. It’s your message. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Basically, this is the moon version of carving a big “I WUZ HERE” in your favorite childhood tree… But cooler. And more science.


Receive Cool, Custom Space Swag

Think we’d expect you to just send your gift off into space and then just ask you to take our word for it?

No way!

When you submit your Lunagram to the LUNAPRISE, you’ll receive…

Your commemorative gifts will be delivered right to your doorstep (or the doorstep of your choice) within 7-10 days of your submission.
Make History

We’ve partnered with the best private lander company on the planet– alongside NASA and SpaceX– to fly on the NOVA-C lander from Intuitive Machines in November 2021.

On that mission, your message (along with messages from 999,999 other caring humans) will paint an incredible picture of how we lived and loved on this Earth…

Which means billions of years from now, the people you care about will still be remembered…

Or maybe, your weird– er, charming– sense of humor will confuse the living daylights out of the alien or future people who try to decode it (heh)…

Or maybe no one will find it. But man, isn’t it worth a shot?

Here’s What Else You Should Know…

What’s So Special About Nanofiche Technology?

Space is beautiful, but the environment is harsh.

Fortunately, Nanofiche is nickel-based and never degrades and never has to be replaced…

Which makes it perfectly suited to preserve large amounts of information in space’s harsh environment and the unpredictable surface of the Moon.

In fact, there is no other archival technology we know of that is space-grade, lightweight, highly durable and efficient, and reliable enough to preserve the memory of humanity.

Why Should You Support the Arch Mission Foundation?

The Arch Mission Foundation is a non-profit organization that maintains a “backup” of planet Earth.

That backup is a collection of information– like historical documents and major human achievements– designed to preserve humanity’s most important knowledge across time and space.

The foundation does this with a solar system wide project called The Billion Year Archive™– so our time here is never forgotten.

“Wherever humanity goes, so shall go the Archive; wherever goes the Archive, so shall go humanity.” – Nova Spivack

Spots for Submissions Are Limited and Filling Up Fast.Want In?

This once-in-a-lifetime gift is the first time in history private civilians are invited to take part in a space mission without investing thousands of dollars to participate.

And whether you’re submitting your own story or message, honoring someone else, or want to give this opportunity to a few other people you know… We’ve got a few different packages to choose from.

Choose Your Submission Package

(i.e. Get Ready to be the Most Interesting Person In the Room...)

Once you choose your package, you’ll be taken to our secure checkout page. From there, you’ll be taken to the Lunagram submission form. If you’re not quite ready to fill it out yet – don’t worry. We’ll email you a link to complete your submission.

Now… Ready to make your moonshot?

Bronze Leader Pack

Gold Leader Pack

Silver Leader Pack

More About Nova Spivack &
Galactic Legacy Labs

A prolific inventor, noted futurist, and AI expert,
Nova was one of the earliest Web pioneers and helped build many leading ventures including EarthWeb, The Daily Dot, Klout, and SRI’s venture incubator that launched Siri. Nova flew to the edge of space in 1999 as one of the first space tourists, and was an early space angel-investor. As co-founder and chairman of the nonprofit charity, the Arch Mission Foundation, he leads an international effort to backup planet Earth, with a series of installations (The Billion Year Archive) around the solar system, that comprise the first library in space and the longest-lasting library in human history.


You might be familiar with microfilm or microfiche, which is a flat piece of film containing microphotographs of the pages of a newspaper, catalog, or other document that requires a large microfiche reader to see.

And unlike high density microfilm, eye readable images are recorded on the LUNAPRISE™, making it readable with a simple microscope…

This way, when it’s discovered billions of years from now, it will be easy to decode.

We are working on livestreaming the moon lander launch from the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, FL. In addition, there will be imagery based on camera of opportunity, after the lander lands on the surface of the moon. We are working with the provider however, to obtain the best possible imagery for our payload.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that we are etching your message onto a nickel-plated disc, once this process is done, it cannot be changed. We encourage all Earth Ambassadors to think hard about what their message will be, and make it meaningful, but timeless, so that you won’t feel the need to change it. Production-wise, depending on timing, there is a chance that we might be able to make a manual change request before your message is engraved, so feel free to ask us at While we cannot make any promises, we will try our best to accommodate your request!

If the mission doesn’t happen, you will be part of the next lunar mission at no extra cost.

At this time, we do not offer gift wrapping. However, that is an amazing idea that we will add to our roadmap! 

As an Earth Ambassador, you will be assigned an “Ambassador Number” which will be tracked on the nanofiche disc and made available to you once it has been etched onto the Lunaprise.

The nanofiche disc will be stored within a metal housing that measures less than a foot in height, and will be mounted inside a government-approved moon lander. We realize that a lot of people are sensitive to “trashing” the moon, but what we are doing is definitely not LITERAL trash, nor do we believe that being able to place a time capsule preserving our generation of life is anything even close to trash. If you found a time capsule in your backyard with stories of a million people from the prehistoric era, would you consider that “trashing your backyard”? We are confident that the majority of our society would n

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